Learning Thai as a heritage language

I was listening to an episode on learning “your parents’ language” on NPR’s Life Kit and it provided an accurate depiction of what heritage learners might expect when they learn their parents’ language. One notable thing from the episode was not to be easily sold to the idea of learning a language quickly as many language learning products might claim, but as a heritage learner, focus on your strengths. Many of my Thai heritage learners can understand spoken Thai, but they cannot seem to put sentences together. Focus on the fact that you understand spoken Thai and use that to build your linguistic repertoire. If you want to listen to the episode in full, here is the LINK.

Picture credit: Pixabay

Thai sausages!

How to Throw a Sausagefest Party – Yellow Fever!!.–a post by The Arrogant Swine 

THAI – Thailand loves it’s sausages. The one thing I really love about Thai sausages is the use of fresh herbs and spices in the mix. Here’s 2 of the major ones.

Sai Oua – A Northern Sausage. My wife is Thai and this is one of my top 5 favorite sausages. The texture isn’t necessarily my favorite but the flavors are amazing. You get a mixture of cured, fermented, and freshness flavors. It’s seasoned with lemongrass, kaffir and red curry paste which is as fantastic as a sausage could ever hope for.

Sai Grok – This sausage stems from Northeastern Issan region. Hope you love garlic. Full Judo chop full of garlic in every bite!

P.S. for our sausagefest, I bought a pack of Thai sausage from this chef and found it to be really authentic. If you’re in NY, and you’re looking for an authentic Isan sausage, you should definitely reach this man somehow.

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