These are what some of my former students said about our Thai lessons.

Thai heritage student

I had always wanted to take Thai to connect with my roots in Thailand but I kept putting it off because I thought my schedule couldn’t fit it.  I finally decided to do some research and I found Titcha. To my delight I found she made learning Thai not only a convenient and smooth process but also a fun experience that I look forward to every week. Whenever I have a conflict and need to rearrange my week Titcha has always been understanding and flexible. I feel that I have made significant progress in a short span of time and it is all thanks to her. –Anna

Online Group Lesson

Titcha has been a great tutor! We began lessons in person and continued with weekly lessons during the pandemic with video meetings and it has not affected the level of engagement or enjoyment. My parents are Thai but I had never spoken or written in Thai growing up and my level of understanding Thai is limited. Titcha is very patient (especially when it comes to reading comprehension) and has been very helpful in connecting the dots for me. I have learned so much in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. She is very personable and I definitely recommend her if you are interested in learning Thai. –D. and A.

One-on-one Private Lesson

“Titcha is a wonderful teacher!  I needed an instructor who could fashion a refresher course for conversational Thai and Titcha quickly assessed my prior knowledge and developed a specialized curriculum that was perfectly suited to my needs.  She took my lead on pace, selected great learning materials and was flexible about scheduling lessons. On a personal level, Titcha was exceptional – kind and patient but not a pushover.  She explained and clarified complex points with ease.  She is fantastic and I would recommend her without reservation!” –Michelle Onello.

Preparing for a study abroad year in Thailand 

Several years ago I began taking Thai lessons with Titcha in preparation for a study abroad year in Thailand. In the short time we had together (once weekly for about a year) she helped me develop a solid understanding of the Thai writing system, as well as a workable vocabulary, which allowed me to hit the ground running when I arrived at my school. I was, in short order, able to make some friends as well as understand my school lessons, taught in Thai. The attention and patience she showed were much more helpful than tapes or language software could have been and I am quite happy that I was able to learn from her.

–Forrest G.

Who knew learning Thai could be so fun

Learning Thai with Titcha has been the best language learning experience I’ve had.  Our sessions feel like I’m just talking to a friend…until I realize that I leave thinking in Thai.
I have a background in Thai, since my mother is Thai and I’ve been trying to learn on my own, but what I know is very spotty.  Titcha was able to figure out quickly where the gaps in my knowledge were and structure the lessons to cover those areas.  I’ve learned more in 5 sessions with Titcha than I learned in the last few years working with Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Living Language, and various websites.  Thai is a tonal language and hard to learn, especially for a beginner, without a native speaker.

Top-Notch Tutor

I cannot overstate how happy I am working with Titcha. When I began with Titcha over a year ago, my Thai was very spotty because I began learning the language in a haphazard way from friends when I lived there. Titcha accurately assessed my current level and continues to prepare individualized lessons every week. She is very thorough and professional. Titcha does a great job catering her lessons to the individual. She uses many strategies that are very effective and always keeps me interested. For example, she provides current news stories to read and watch in Thai. During the recent political crisis, we spent entire lessons discussing not only the current events but also historical and cultural context that helps me understand where the country is today. She creates worksheets, homework, and opportunities to interact with some of her other students. She goes above and beyond excellent teaching and often helps students network. For example, she introduced me to another student because I have connections to teaching jobs in Thailand and the other student was looking to teach abroad. Titcha is by far the best language teacher I have ever encountered. She is dedicated, professional and effective.

–Emily K.

Excellent private tutor tailors each lesson to her students.

Learning with Ms. Kedsri has been one of the best foreign language learning experiences of my life. I have studied Spanish for many years in classroom settings and was amazed to find out how much faster the learning process can be with an excellent private tutor. I began with no knowledge of Thai, a difficult language by any account. Ms. Kedsri is an extremely intelligent, but also patient and even playful teacher that has made this experience wonderful. She immediately assessed not just my language capabilities but my capacity to learn. Every lesson is tailored in such a way that best addresses my strengths and weaknesses as a student. For example, when it was clear that I was struggling with phonetic pronunciation, Titcha rearranged her lesson designs to work with me on learning the alphabet so that I could better connect the spoken sounds with the written word. When I’m particularly slow with a concept, Titcha patiently takes her time to work through it with me and in subsequent lessons will find different approaches to make sure that I really understand it. t the same time, she is challenging, giving assignments and in session work that is both gratifying (because I can feel my progress) while pushing me to work harder. Finally, learning a language can be just miserable. But Ms. Kedsri makes it really fun so that I always look forward to our weekly sessions. I highly recommend this teacher.

–Joshua Chambers-Letson

Excellent Thai instruction

Ajarn Titcha is a rare gem in language instruction. She is motivated and prepared for every lesson with a clear goal, with the knowledge and willingness to explore the finer points of the language to any degree. Couple this with a great personality, sense of humor, and patience, and she easily earns a 5/5 review.
I came to Ajarn Titcha with serious gaps in grammar and understanding, and some bad habits developed from being self-taught while living in Bangkok. As an advanced student, I have learned a staggering amount of relevant and specialized vocabulary, greatly increased my written and spoken fluency, and gained exposure to contemporary Thai literature and culture, all while developing a greater appreciation and love of the language.
If you have any interest in learning Thai, no matter your level, Ajarn Titcha has the knowledge, patience, and motivation to help you realize your goals.


Excellent Teacher!

I have had 10 lessons with Titcha at 1 hour and 15 mins per lesson. Titcha has been a great teacher and has taught me an incredible amount in such a short period. After 2 months she has told me to buy the intermediate level book and has told me I have been her fastest learner in her 7 years as a tutor. A claim that has never been laid upon me before I can promise you that ;). I am constantly motivated, excited to learn more, proud to show off my Thai and have impressed not just my girlfriend who is Thai but her entire family, as well as my own. Furthermore, Titcha prepares homework, worksheets, utilizes videos and is quick to tell of her experiences in Thailand( spoken in Thai of course). After my lesson, I am amazed at how much I have learned and understand more and more each week, and I gotta say it feels really good to be one of those people who can carry on conversations in public with my girlfriend and people not having a clue what we are saying. I can’t wait to see what I will be capable of after 6 months, then a year, it is a great feeling. If you want to learn, and learn fast, study with Titcha! You will not be disappointed.



Titcha is an excellent one on one teacher. She prepares custom lessons each week geared toward your skill level and interest in the language. I did not know anything about the language when I started with her but progressed well in my reading, writing, and conversational Thai with her guidance. Titcha is a great person to work with and is never at a loss for fun conversation or interesting information about Thailand.
I would recommend her to anyone serious about learning Thai.

–Meghan Montgomery

Excellent for every level

Titcha is a wonderful teacher and mentor in not only the Thai language but also in the cultural aspects of the country. I contacted Titcha 3 months prior to my departure to Thailand (not much time to master a foreign language), but because of her attention to detail and lesson plans tailored to my needs (mainly conversational Thai with an emphasis on pronunciation), I feel as though we’ve been studying together for twice that time.

She is a brilliant and disciplined teacher who is serious about her students’ progress, while at the same time a funny and abundant resource of anecdotes about the language and culture of Thailand. I recommend her to anyone, beginner to advanced because her dynamic approach to teaching Thai can be tailored to suit students of all skill levels and interests.


Much more than just a Thai language teacher

Titcha is a great Thai language teacher. Because of her education, she knows a lot more about the Thai language than just being a native speaker. She also has excellent English skills which makes her a more effective language teacher.

Titcha goes well beyond just teaching though. She has a wealth of Thai language learning resources that she shares readily with her students. And for anyone planning to travel or planning to spend extended time in Thailand, she is a valuable resource and has been very helpful to me.

Titcha really exceeded my expectations for her teaching and her helpfulness beyond just learning the language. I would definitely study with her again.


Effective and Enjoyable Personalized Thai Language Instruction
Titcha is an exceptional Thai language instructor who creates highly effective interactive and personalized lessons.  Titcha clearly puts a lot of thought into the structure of each lesson and adjusts the pace and content as necessary.  The result is truly effective and enjoyable Thai language learning.   From the outset, Titcha offered an individualized approach, taking the time to understand my goals and how I best learned.  Titcha has a real knack for understanding what works and what doesn’t, all while keeping the lessons fun.   I found that Titcha’s creativity, flexibility, and skill in using a variety of teaching techniques, texts and tools have helped me to quickly grasp the basics and motivated and challenged me to continue to progress. I always look forward to my lessons with Titcha — she is a truly talented instructor and I would highly recommend her.


I decided to work with her because of all the glowing reviews she received. All of her students were correct; Titcha is a fabulous language teacher!

She is detailed, student-oriented (she develops a program specifically for your interests/needs), has a flexible schedule, and has such a good sense of humor. The other bonus about studying with Titcha is that you can ask her any and every cultural question about Thailand and she is a wealth of information!

I started with Titcha as an ABSOLUTE beginner, and now, after 9 months, I’m at an intermediate level. Titcha really works wonders!!

–Anne L.

Down to earth and very knowledgeable Thai teacher

Titcha is a fantastic Thai teacher. She is Thai and of course a native speaker, but she also teaches English at a university, so she has a firm grasp on both Thai and English and the important differences between them. She is funny and personable, and she makes every lesson fun. Bottom line, I wish I had taken twice as many classes with her.
–David W.

My husband and I started taking Thai language lessons with Titcha
about 4 months before our trip to Thailand. We both are horrible at
learning new languages but she was a great instructor! Very warm,
funny and patient, which kept us coming back despite how intimidating
the language can be. She was able to tailor our lessons to our needs
so that we could enjoy our trip just a little more. Being outside of
the main city, less people speak English, so after 1 week her lessons
have already come in pretty handy. Also the people here seem to
appreciate the little bit of Thai we’re able to speak! We highly
recommend Titcha as a tutor and plan on continuing lessons with her
when we return to New York.

-Angela and Adam

Distance Learning Student Review

Enjoyable and productive

Titcha is experienced in teaching and has an uncanny knack for organizing and presenting information that is digestible and challenging. She has met my level and pushed me, as well as accommodated my requests and learning goals. I meet with Titcha through Skype, as I live too far from the city for frequent travel, but I feel as though we are meeting in person and always look forward to our sessions.


Well Organized Teacher

Titcha is a very effective teacher. Her lessons progress naturally and are always challenging. I’ve seen my Thai improve greatly.

I still have a long way to go but feel confident that if I stick with it, I will one day be fluent in Thai and will hear what my wife gossips about in Thai 🙂

I would recommend Titcha!

–Jason O.

Learning Thai from Titcha has been a wonderful experience. Using Skype
makes fitting lessons into a busy schedule extremely convenient. As a
teacher, she’s flexible, patient, understanding and has a unique grasp
of both the English and Thai languages. I have learned more from our
lessons in 3 1/2 months then I did in four semesters of college-level
language courses!

Amanda F.


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