Authentic Thai Massage at Treat Your Body NY

My best friend, Namtip finally opens her storefront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn after working as a professional masseuse in the NYC area for 7 years. She is a licensed massage therapist, a graduate of the renown Swedish Institute in NY and Wat Po (temple Po) in Bangkok. If you crave an authentic Thai massage experience from a trained massage professional, check out her website at Treat Your Body NY to make an appointment. Gift cards are also available at the store.

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“Growing up in Thailand, massage and other healing arts were taught and applied in the monasteries and within the family. In families it has been mainly an oral tradition. It was part of my culture to use massage as a caring method. I remembered stepping on my parents back to help relieve tension since I was five years old. I strongly believe in helping others improve health and well-being through therapeutic touch and healing treatments.”–Namtip



Thai Artists at FAB! festival 2012: “Mindfulness” สติ

My friend will be performing at the Fab Festival this coming Saturday. Here is the detail of the event. Overall, I just like the concept of mindfulness as translated in Thai(Buddhist term that is) as Sa-ti. However, I am in the state of “mindlessness” at this point into the semester. =D

The pictures look good. Go check out her performance!

FAB festival @ East 4th St (bt 2nd Ave & Bowery) free event!!! This Sat 09/22/12;1-5pm
The entire block will be closed to traffic and filled with visual art, dance, theater, and music on multiple stages.

Siras’ performance will be around 3 pm.

Choreographic collaboration and Performance
Siras Nitithatsanakul
Ching-i Chang
Ari Someya
Gessica Paperini

Music: Andrew Seagle
Costume Design: Duangkamol Bunyarittongchai
Mask Design: Sarasin Chatwichitkoon

For more info: Locating the Sacred at FAB!