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Thai language class for children in New York City


I got many inquiries for a Thai language class for children in New York City. Here is the detail. My specialization is teaching Thai to adults, so I’m not confident that I’m the best person to teach children. I believe that children learn differently.

Thai language program for children in Queens, NY
P.S.11 Kathryn M.Phelan School
54-25 Skillman Ave, Woodside, NY 11377
Time: Sundays 1-4PM
Please contact me for the teacher’s phone number.
One of my former Thai students is also setting up a Thai language school for children in Inwood. She is a really experienced teacher for children. Please email me for more info if you’re interested.

สุขสันต์ปีใหม่ 2558 from Praticalthai.com


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.51.42 AM

Happy New Year Presentation

How to calculate between Thai year and AD

What you do is to add 543 to AD.

For instance, the year 2015 in the West is the year 2558 in Thailand.

Happy New Year = Sook San Bpee Mai

Literal translation is Sook San = happy, Bpee (Pii) = year, Mai = new. Remember that adjective comes after noun in Thai.

สุขสันต์ปีใหม่ Happy New Year from Practical Thai Learning. 

Thai Rosetta Stone SNL Spoof


This spoof was funny, and I was debating whether to repost it on this blog. The Thai sentence in the middle says, “Take off your clothes.” Just in case you’re curious. =D

The message in the spoof is partially true.  Nonetheless, keep in mind that learning Thai is not really easy and Rosetta Stone Thai needs a major update to reflect the way Thai people speak today. If sex is the sole purpose of you going to Thailand, I don’t feel like learning the language is necessary. Just saying.

New Teacher Review

Thank you ka!
Effective and Enjoyable Personalized Thai Language Instruction
Titcha is an exceptional Thai language instructor who creates highly effective interactive and personalized lessons.  Titcha clearly puts a lot of thought into the structure of each lesson and adjusts the pace and content as necessary.  The result is truly effective and enjoyable Thai language learning.   From the outset, Titcha offered an individualized approach, taking the time to understand my goals and how I best learned.  Titcha has a real knack for understanding what works and what doesn’t, all while keeping the lessons fun.   I found that Titcha’s creativity, flexibility, and skill in using a variety of teaching techniques, texts and tools have helped me to quickly grasp the basics and motivated and challenged me to continue to progress. I always look forward to my lessons with Titcha — she is a truly talented instructor and I would highly recommend her.

Funny Thai music video


My friend was dancing in the background of this music video, so I got a kick out of watching this video.  The music style is called Look-tung (Thai country music) and the lyric reflects the lives of Thai immigrants in the US when they have to seek/recreate a new identity as they work in the food  service industry, leaving behind their established professional identity in Thailand.

A Letter from Your Wife for Hire


My friend posted this on this facebook and I thought it was epic.

I guess I could argue that the song was somehow degrading Thai women but the mix of using English and Thai in the lyrics was pretty funny. I think the song reflects the sentiment of the time after the Vietnam War in Thailand. I think the lyricist was pretty clever in using broken English in portraying the desperation of the mistress.

เพลง จดหมายจากเมียเช่า 

Song: A Letter from Your Wifre for Hire

Vocal: มานี มณีวรรณ Lyrics: อาจินต์ ปัญจพรรค์

I เขียน letter ถึงเธอ dear John      I’m writing you a letter, “Dear John…”
เขียนในแฟลตที่ you เคยนอน            I’m writing from the flat you stayed in
จังหวัดอุดร ประเทศ Thailand            Udon, Thailand. 

I broken heart you must understand
John จ๋า John dollar ขาดแคลน
เมีย second hand ของ you ยังคอย

You broke my heart and you must understand that I am running out of money. Your “second hand” wife is still waiting. 
You ทิ้งเมียเช่า หิ้วกระเป๋า go home
จน shape I โทรมเพราะ you enjoy

You left me, took out your suitcase and went home.  Your kiss and touch still linger. My body is now worn out because of your “enjoyment.” 

Forget your wife กลับไปอยู่ Illinoil
I เสียใจจนเป็น Typhoid
เอา Tiger Oil มาทากันตาย

You forget me and went back to Illinois. I am heart broken until I catch Typhoid. I am using a Tiger Oil to heal myself for now. 

*โศกเศร้ากว่า sad movie
Oh John you make me cry
I lonely เสียจนผอมผ่าย
อยากตาย why you ทิ้ง me.

This is sadder than a sad movie. Oh John, you make me cry. 

The loneliness is making me thin. I just want to die. Why did you ditch me? 

**รอยน้ำตาหยด ที่รดบนลายเซ็น
หาซองใส่ จ่าหน้าไม่เป็น
โธ่ เวร เอ๋ย เวร who ช่วยเขียนที
My tears are falling on my signature. I am searching for an envelope but then I don’t know what English words to put on the envelope. Oh, damn it! Can someone help me with this? 

***ฉีกทิ้ง letter หันไปเจอ DDT
Good bye สวัสดี
Go meet กับ me ที่เมือง the end

I tear the letter and then I turn to see a DDT. Goodbye, Sawasdee. 

Come meet me at the city of  “THE END.” (The Hereafter)

Note: thanks to my friend, Ae, who posted the song on his Facebook. Please acknowledge me if you wish to repost the translation of the song. 

Film Series: Blissfully Thai


Film Series: Blissfully Thai.

The Asia Society is having an event for Thai movies with a discussion by two prominent Thai directors: Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Pen-ek Ratanaruang.  This event is not to be missed if you live in New York area and want an introduction to an array of Thai movies.

Mr. Pen-ek

Photo Credit:FrançoisFromFrance

Thai film series at Asia society:

May 13-June 17, 2011
Asia Society and Museum
725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

For more info: http://asiasociety.org/arts-culture/film/film-series-blissfully-thai

Thai Art Exhibition in NY: Siamese Connection Rediscover


My artist friend is working hard for the second exhibition of Thai Artists Alliance in NY. If you miss the one last year, this event is not to be missed. The event was very well received the first time around so I am expecting that the second one will be the same.

If you live in NY and are interested in what Thai artists have to offer, come check them out in July of 2011.

Siamese Connection 2

Link: http://www.thaiartistsnyc.org/