Thai language class for children in New York City

I got many inquiries for a Thai language class for children in New York City. Here is the detail. My specialization is teaching Thai to adults, so I’m not confident that I’m the best person to teach children. I believe that children learn differently.

Thai language program for children in Queens, NY
P.S.11 Kathryn M.Phelan School
54-25 Skillman Ave, Woodside, NY 11377
Time: Sundays 1-4PM
Please contact me for the teacher’s phone number.
One of my former Thai students is also setting up a Thai language school for children in Inwood. She is a really experienced teacher for children. Please email me for more info if you’re interested.

Thai Rosetta Stone SNL Spoof

This spoof was funny, and I was debating whether to repost it on this blog. The Thai sentence in the middle says, “Take off your clothes.” Just in case you’re curious. =D

The message in the spoof is partially true.  Nonetheless, keep in mind that learning Thai is not really easy and Rosetta Stone Thai needs a major update to reflect the way Thai people speak today. If sex is the sole purpose of you going to Thailand, I don’t feel like learning the language is necessary. Just saying.