Good news: Resources for learning how to read Thai

I have been using the AUA Thai reading book to teach my students for over a decade because I like the way they break things down in the book. As a teacher of Thai to foreigners, the scaffolding in the book just makes sense to me. Now, the good news is AUA just posted videos of the reading exercises on their website here: AUA Thai reading videos. I came across this website as I was researching video resources for the book for my current Thai students.


It’s a good day indeed.


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Mickey and Minnie in Thailand

If you have not watched this new Disney short film,  this is a must-see. Of course, the Chip ‘n’ Dale song is such an earworm for Thais. This short film is already becoming popular in Thailand as it presents the country in a good light. I asked my Thai students to watch it without turning on CC this week. Perhaps you should try also.

Thai sentences from the short movie:

  1. ขอบคุณ/khob-khun/Thank you
  2. สัปปะรด/sup-pa-rot/pineapples
  3. ข้าวผัด/khao-pad/fried rice
  4. ขอโทษ/Kaw-thod/I’m sorry.
  5. นี่ที่ของชั้น/tii-nii khong chan/This is my spot.
  6. มีปัญหาเหรอ/ mee pan-haa reu/ Do you have any problem? (Note: this is a Thai phrase that is used when someone wants to start a fight.)
  7. สวัสดี/ sa-wat-dee/ Hello
  8. ไม่เป็นไร /mai-pen-rai/ That’s alright. Never mind.