Learning Thai as a heritage language

I was listening to an episode on learning “your parents’ language” on NPR’s Life Kit and it provided an accurate depiction of what heritage learners might expect when they learn their parents’ language. One notable thing from the episode was not to be easily sold to the idea of learning a language quickly as many language learning products might claim, but as a heritage learner, focus on your strengths. Many of my Thai heritage learners can understand spoken Thai, but they cannot seem to put sentences together. Focus on the fact that you understand spoken Thai and use that to build your linguistic repertoire. If you want to listen to the episode in full, here is the LINK.

Picture credit: Pixabay

New Thai teacher review! Oct 2021

Aside from teaching Americans with Thai partners, I have been teaching many Thai-Americans over the years. Here is a review from my Thai heritage student, Anna.

“I had always wanted to take Thai to connect with my roots in Thailand but I kept putting it off because I thought my schedule couldn’t fit it.  I finally decided to do some research and I found Titcha. To my delight I found she made learning Thai not only a convenient and smooth process but also a fun experience that I look forward to every week. Whenever I have a conflict and need to rearrange my week Titcha has always been understanding and flexible. I feel that I have made significant progress in a short span of time and it is all thanks to her.”