New teacher review!

The trend that I have seen during the past five years or so is the surge of Thai-American adults taking Thai lessons since they might not have a chance to do so when they were younger, and they now want to reconnect with their Thai root.

Here is a new teacher review from one of my Thai-American students. Thank you, D. for your kind words.

“Titcha has been a great tutor! We began lessons in person and continued with weekly lessons during the pandemic with video meetings and it has not affected the level of engagement or enjoyment. My parents are Thai but I had never spoken or written in Thai growing up and my level of understanding Thai is limited. Titcha is very patient (especially when it comes to reading comprehension) and has been very helpful in connecting the dots for me. I have learned so much in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. She is very personable and I definitely recommend her if you are interested in learning Thai.”