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Thai language class for children in New York City


I got many inquiries for a Thai language class for children in New York City. Here is the detail. My specialization is teaching Thai to adults, so I’m not confident that I’m the best person to teach children. I believe that children learn differently.

Thai language program for children in Queens, NY
P.S.11 Kathryn M.Phelan School
54-25 Skillman Ave, Woodside, NY 11377
Time: Sundays 1-4PM
Please contact me for the teacher’s phone number.
One of my former Thai students is also setting up a Thai language school for children in Inwood. She is a really experienced teacher for children. Please email me for more info if you’re interested.

My new year’s resolution is to learn Thai.



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Thank you for stopping by.

Lately, I have been getting a lot of inquiry  from potential students. Uh, it’s that time of the year when everyone  wants to learn a foreign language. This year will be my eleventh year teaching Thai in New York.

Now if you wish to start a Thai lesson, please  include this following information.

  1. Your purpose of learning Thai: work? family? personal development?
  2. Time frame: travel plan in three months? crash course? long term goal to reconnect with distant Thai relatives?
  3. Your previous experience learning a foreign language.

These questions should help you think about your decision to start a Thai lesson. Thai is not an easy language to learn, but the goal to master the Thai language is attainable. I just want to make sure that you really commit to it.

Thank you for reading this message ka.

learn thai

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The More Important Thai Alphabets


Just a friendly reminder, this is for non commercial use only. If you plan to use my material, please reference me.

Remembering Thai alphabets can be overwhelming, but if you wish to be an independent Thai learner, you will have to get it done in the beginning. In order to ease your pain, here is a list of the important alphabets. The alphabets that are not mentioned here are often found in common names, which you focus on when you reach the intermediate level.

How to use this list:

  • Draw the Thai alphabets in your notebook. Always start with drawing the loop.
  • -AW represents the sound that Thai pronounce after the initial sound
  • Besides remembering the initial sound, it is important to remember the final sound as well. For example: in the word อาหาร which means food, it is read อ (a) -า (aa) ห (h) -า (aa) ร (n because the consonant Raw Rua occurs at the final position of the sound so it creates the sound n instead of r). The word food is then read aa-haan.
Gaw Gai (chicken) Kaw Kai (egg) Kaw Kwaii (buffalo) Ngaw Ngoo (snake) Jaw Jaan 


Initial g/ final k k/k k/k Ng/ng j/t
Chaw Ching 


Chaw Chang (elephant) Saw So 


Yaw Ying 

(puuying -woman)

Naw Nen (young monk)
ch/t ch/t s/t y/n n/n
Daw Dek (child) Dtaw Dtao (turtle) Taw Tung (sack/bag) Taw Ta-haan (solider) Taw Tong (flag)
d/t dt/t t/t t/t t/t
Naw Noo (mouse) Baw Baimai (leaf) Bpaw Bplaa (fish) Paw Pung (bee) Faw Faa (wall)
n/n b/p bp/p p/p f/p
Paw Paan(tray) Faw Fun (tooth) Maw Maa(horse) Yaw Yuk (giant) Raw rua (boat)
p/p f/p m/m y/n r/n
Law Ling (monkey) Waw Wan (ring) Saw Sua (tiger) Haw heep (chest) Aw Aang (basin)
l/n w/w s/t h/doesn’t come at the end) Read like a vowel