Thai short story translation


Here is my translation of Win Lyovarin’s “The Drama in the Black and White Room.” It is a part of a collection of short stories which won the Southeast Asian Writer award back in 1999 (S.E.A. Write Award). The translation was a part of my graduate work and it is intended for non-commercial use only.

Mr. Lyovarin is my most favorite Thai author. The story depicts the cosmopolitan Bangkok. The story brings you to crossroad of traditional Thai societal norms and sexuality.

Comment on the translation will be much appreciated.

The Drama in the Black and White Room

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  1. Thank you so much for providing this translation, I appreciate the opportunity to read current Thai fiction (I am learning Thai but still a far cry from reading books in Thai). There are 4 tiny typos I noticed, if you want to make it perfect:
    1) “The rode is clear,…” that should be “road”
    2) “Pressley”–no double s “Presley”
    3) “There meals…”–probably should be “their”?
    4) “…feels repelled to the smell of meat…”–should be “by” instead of “to”

    Thanks again

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