Railay, Krabi April 2013

I haven’t gone back to Thailand for ages, so I almost was looking at “MY” people from the anthropological point of view(i.e. as academics call it “the gaze).

I will be uploading more pictures from my trip when I get a chance =)

Railay, Krabi

I have heard of Railay beach in Krabi from many of my Thai students. Hence, when I got a chance to visit Thailand, I was sure to include this heaven on earth everyone was raving about in my travel plan. My sister and I immersely enjoyed our trip down to Krabi. We took an overnight tour from Bangkok on a VIP bus for 1,000 B and it was impressive. (You could fly there, but I was on a budget, so I chose to take a bus.) We left Bangkok at 7PM and got to Krabi around 6AM. We made it to Oa Nang pier and took a short boat ride to Railay (100 B/person for Thais and 200 B/person for farangs). Affordable food can be purchased from restaurants on the east side of Railay.

2013-04-06 21.13.43

We walked to Ow Phra Nang beach and the beach was incredible.

2013-04-07 00.26.26

2013-04-07 00.44.59

Sunset, Railay West

2013-04-07 07.51.47

Snokelling with Sunset Tour

2013-04-08 04.45.48

I did internet reserach and found this Thai webpost on Railay’s Sunset Tour (the tour can also be purchased from Ow Nang Beach). The cost of the tour is 1,000 B and it runs from 2pm – 8pm with dinner included. The pictures in the post look much nicer than from my mediocre camera, so check out nice pictures there.

Tour guide–Sunset tour–Mr. Park

2013-04-08 08.12.27

more pictures from Sunset/snokelling tour

2013-04-08 07.47.54

2013-04-09 01.01.16

Postcard worthy?

2013-04-09 00.42.19

2013-04-08 06.51.21

I was on a budget so I chose an affordable place to stay with breakfast included at Phutawan Resort. The staff at the resort was really helpful and attentive. If you would rather stay at other places in Railay, the area is pretty small that they are all pretty much the same in my opinion. If you look up reviews from Phutawan, they’re not rated highly. Still, don’t you think people just want greater facility when they’re not willing to pay for it?  Phutawan is situated on the moutaineous area of Railay, so I don’t recommend getting drunk when you try to walk back to hotel. Other than a run-down bathroom underneath the breakfast area, I’m pretty satisfied with my stay at the hotel. Bathroom in our bangalow works just great, so just use that!

Our clean bangalow

2013-04-06 22.04.16

2013-04-06 22.05.43

All in all, the whole trip with food, day tour (2,000 B for two persons), accomodation (3,500 B), and transportation (including boat rides and two round trip bus tickets from Bangkok) came to around 9,000 B for 3 full days and 2 nights in Railay and Krabi from Bangkok. We did go to fancy dinners and lunchs with cocktails with little umbrellas (Come on, any beach trip will not  complete with a drink with umbrella, right?). I don’t normally travel, but this trip was by far REALLY unforgettable.



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