Thai restaurant review–Ayada in Elmhurst

I wrote this review on Yelp and figure that you guys might enjoy it as well.

Category: Thai
Neighborhood: Elmhurst


The joy of mango and sticky riceYes, I know that it’s not like I can’t get mango and sticky rice anywhere else in NY, but what they do with their mango and sticky rice is just sublime. For those of you who think that eating rice as a dessert is just a bit overkill, think twice. Sweet sticky rice with ripe mango will take you to the never land. I tried to order sweet sticky rice with mango the last time I was there but they said that the mango was not ripe enough to serve. This only means that they are serious about the quality of their dessert. We ended up ordering taro custard instead and it was so delicious that my farang friends became a convert after eating a taro. Everything I tasted there has been pretty wonderful so I do recommend this place.

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