Upcoming Thai movie “Insects in the Backyard” banned in Thailand

After watching the trailer, I am extremely excited to see this new movie. Unfortunately, the movie is being banned by the Ministry of Culture of Thailand. The movie Insects in the Backyard, based on the description appeared on the official document from the ministry, is banned because it may portray teenage prostitution while students are still in uniform. (So if they are not in uniform, it would have been fine. Seriously?) I admit that I will have to read more on Thai censorship law but the decision to ban the movie in Thailand altogether is simply outrageous. The rating of NC-17 is not even granted to this movie so it will not be shown in the country to the people who need to see the reality of sexuality in Thailand.

Why can’t we respect art for art’s sake? If people are willing to spend money on the movie, just let them watch it. Do we always need to sanitize our art?

Synopsis of Insects in the Backyard


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