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I Hate Thailand Short Movie


I watched this and I was close to tears. People often seek for a place they call home. For this Farang, I believe his home is  Thailand. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.


Thai-English (Tinglish) on Facebook


This is a class project for my doctoral class at IUP. I created a Prezi presentation for a poster I presented at 2013 Three Rivers TESOL Fall Conference on Thai-English on Facebook. In the poster, I listed special features of Thai-style English used on Facebook. For the Prezi version of the presentation where you can manipulate the speed of the presentation, please click this link or on the following picture. As you play the Prezi presentation, you can also listen to my explanation on how the features of Tinglish work as well.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.02.20 AM

If you have difficulty with Prezi, here is the link to the Youtube video of the presentation. There is no sound for this youtube presentation.

Learn How to Read Thai Fonts



I have received requests regarding how to decipher Thai fonts. This seems to be a problem for advanced and intermediate learners of Thai. I hope you find this video useful.

The best way to start learning about different Thai fonts apart from the fonts that are available on your Word Processor is a website called My suggestion is to create a reference chart that lists different Thai fonts. The one that people seems to have the most difficulty with is this style of font. The following video should help you get started on telling the fonts apart.


I am doing this lesson as a part of my graduate course on Technology and Literacy at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I figure that it’s fun to try out technology that I have some familiarity with and contribute my knowledge to the public.


Note: I realize that there is a watermark on the Youtube video. For version without watermark, please check out this link. The Camtasia we have at my school does not seem to work. Sorry. =(

Link to reading that goes with the video from The SEAlang Projects.




Learn Thai in Authentic Context –Curse Words


There were several times that I was asked to teach bad words in Thai. I teach my students bad words anyway (there’s no need to ask for it, really). Still, asking specifically for curse words is a bit much. As an aspiring academic, I believe learning words in context (authentic ones that is) is the best way to learn.

So without further ado, do enjoy this video.


New teacher review!


I just got a new review from my former Thai student who is now living in Thailand. =)

Thank you ka.

Teacher review

Several years ago I began taking Thai lessons with Titcha in preparation for a study abroad year in Thailand. In the short time we had together (once weekly for about a year) she helped me develop a solid understanding of the Thai writing system, as well as a workable vocabulary, which allowed me to hit the ground running when I arrived at my school. I was, in short order, able to make some friends as well as understand my school lessons, taught in Thai. The attention and patience she showed were much more helpful than tapes or language software could have been and I am quite happy that I was able to learn from her.

Forrest G.

Thai Puppetry Show at Asia Society



In celebration of the 180th anniversary of the Thai-US diplomatic relations, the Royal Thai Embassy and Asia Society are pleased to present a night of Thai Classical Dance (Khon) and Thai puppetry.
Khon is one of the most influential traditional performing arts of Thailand and has survived side by side with a variety of other traditional Eastern theatre practices, such as Noh theatre, Beijing Opera and Kathakali drama. Most Khon performances feature episodes from the Hindu Ramayana, the epic tale of Prince Rama and his wife Sita, and the struggle between good and evil.
Masters of the hun lakorn lek (traditional Thai small puppets), the Traditional Thai Theater Company (Joe Louis), practice a form of puppetry created by Master Krae Sapthavanich. Founded in 1985, he formed the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre with his children, performing adaptations of epic Thai literature, such as the Ramakien, with puppets constructed from light wood, papier-mâché and fabric.

Detail at Asia Society:

The Hog Days of Summer THIS COMING SAT September 21, 2013


Shameless self-promotion =D

I guess it’s not as shameless when I’m promoting my husband’s event. If you’re into mighty good BBQ, all you can drink beer, live bluegrass music, and good old summer fun, PLEASE share this event with friends and family!

BBQ pic

The Hog Days of Summer 


John Brown Smokehouse & Arrogant Swine Presents

5-9-2013 9-34-30 AM

An NYC Summer Celebration of Traditional North Carolina Whole Hog BBQ, Craft Beer Brewing & Heritage Pig Farming

Tamarack Hollow Farm Glocestershire Old Spot slow-smoked over hardwood embers

All the Proper Carolina Pig Pickin’ Garnishes AND Dessert

All You Can Drink Craft Beer

Live Bluegrass Band!!!

2 Sessions Per Event Noon (12pm – 4pm) & Evening Sessions (5pm – 9pm)


Event review on Serious Eats 

Event featured on Daily News

A portion of all proceed will go to Justfood justfood_logo

Building a Just and Sustainable Food System for NYC!



This part follows my adventure in Krabi as mentioned in the previous post. I always call Chiangmai -Pra-ted Chiangmai (Country Chiangmai) as I have fallen in love with her charm since I was a little girl. I went to college there. I met my husband there. It is just simply the most romantic place one earth in my opinion. Thus, I think it’s about time that I write something nice about this place I call home.

I chose to be in Chiangmai during Songkarn (Thai New Year) when I was back in Thailand this time. Seriously, where else in Thailand would you rather be, if not Chiangmai. We pretty much christened the whole festival. I stayed at Ob-oon Homestay this time and it didn’t disappoint me. The place was artsy, unique, and warm as the name of the place suggests. The owners made my mom and I some rice porridge for breakfast (yes, after we went out for a walk and Goldilocks came in, get the joke?) and it was just right. The place was featured in the Thai version of Architectural Digest, Baanlaesuan, so you know that it’s pretty. Just saying.


My mama bear and her porridge

Mama bear

Before I went to stay at Ob-oon, I also stayed at Nimman Resort. The place is extremely affordable (I paid 600 B/night on Agoda) and it was close to the hip and happening area in Chiangmai–Nimman Road or its complete name is Nimmanhaymin Road. There are gazillion of coffee shops in the area, so I guess walk around to your heart content. What I fall in love with is the two bookstores: The Booksmith and Totell bookstore. They are across the street from each other, so I recommend go to both places to get the taste of Thai literary circle. Yes, Thai people do have writing system and the language was invented in 1292. Having taught Thai to many foreigners for the past 8 years and having lived in the US for over 10 years, I do occasionally come across people who believe Thai people speak Chinese.

booksmithPhoto Credit: Booksmith Facebook page

Now one thing about Nimmanhaymin area, you need money to be there. I felt a bit like I was in New York when I was in the area. Perhaps, Nimman will be equivalent to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Another area that is worth visiting is next to the Ping river around Naowarat bridge. I will not bore you with the usual Riverside restaurant or Goodview pub. My friend took me to this place Ran Khang Rhong Nang (ร้านข้างโรงหนัง), which served this following mouth savoring dishes.

chiangmai food

khang rhong nang

If you don’t get the decor there, it’s a retro style. All the merchandises in the store were antique.

Wawee coffeeWawee coffee next to the Ping river

I guess Chiangmai feels like home to me so I don’t feel like I took many pictures there. Anyway, my friend does, so here is a link to his pretty Chiangmai pictures. One area that I discovered (or rediscovered) this time is Trok Lao Joe (ตรอกเล้าโจ๊ว),which is in the Kao Luang or Warorot market area. The stores in this alley sell tribal textile products in wholesale price. In case Night Bazaar didn’t do you justice, ask to the locals for direction to this area.


I’m not giving you the estimate of my travel expense here. Keep in mind that Chiangmai does have the comfort of what Western culture has to offer, so you pay premium for it. Still, it’s still much cheaper than in Bangkok.