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Learn How to Read Thai Fonts



I have received requests regarding how to decipher Thai fonts. This seems to be a problem for advanced and intermediate learners of Thai. I hope you find this video useful.

The best way to start learning about different Thai fonts apart from the fonts that are available on your Word Processor is a website called f0nt.com. My suggestion is to create a reference chart that lists different Thai fonts. The one that people seems to have the most difficulty with is this style of font. The following video should help you get started on telling the fonts apart.


I am doing this lesson as a part of my graduate course on Technology and Literacy at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I figure that it’s fun to try out technology that I have some familiarity with and contribute my knowledge to the public.


Note: I realize that there is a watermark on the Youtube video. For version without watermark, please check out this link. The Camtasia we have at my school does not seem to work. Sorry. =(

Link to reading that goes with the video from The SEAlang Projects.