Daily Archives: January 29, 2016

Child Angel Doll Phenomenon


Well, in case you have not heard, this is the most controversial debate in Thailand within the past two weeks, the Luk-Thep (child angel doll). As a Thai, I’m always a bit on the superstitious side, but this trend has proven to be perplexing to me.

Here is the CNN coverage of the trend. The detail of the new phenomenon is well explained in the CNN article.

Luk Thep Doll


I believe that when you choose to learn a new language, understanding its culture plays a significant role in helping one to understand the logic behind the language. Granted that this trend might only be practiced by some bourgeoisie Thais, the trend can be seen as the latest evolution of common spiritual dolls Thai people keep at home called กุมารทอง (ku-maan-thong).

Thailand is called “The Amazing Thailand” after all and we’re not called “amazing” for no reason.

It might be a bit creepy to some, but one has to do what makes one happy.