Thai Puppetry Show at Asia Society



In celebration of the 180th anniversary of the Thai-US diplomatic relations, the Royal Thai Embassy and Asia Society are pleased to present a night of Thai Classical Dance (Khon) and Thai puppetry.
Khon is one of the most influential traditional performing arts of Thailand and has survived side by side with a variety of other traditional Eastern theatre practices, such as Noh theatre, Beijing Opera and Kathakali drama. Most Khon performances feature episodes from the Hindu Ramayana, the epic tale of Prince Rama and his wife Sita, and the struggle between good and evil.
Masters of the hun lakorn lek (traditional Thai small puppets), the Traditional Thai Theater Company (Joe Louis), practice a form of puppetry created by Master Krae Sapthavanich. Founded in 1985, he formed the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre with his children, performing adaptations of epic Thai literature, such as the Ramakien, with puppets constructed from light wood, papier-mâché and fabric.

Detail at Asia Society:


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